Is there sampler track on Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5?

Hello, is there sampler track on Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5?


In which of the three?

Cubase has in their wisdom decided to have crazy naming.

There is one set of downloads and manuals for all three of the “entry level” group of editions, AI, LE, and Elements. Let’s be honest, LE means Lame edition (has no VST support I believe), AI being the freebie with VST support, and Elements having some nice increases in track and VST rack capability, and sampler tracks.

The same installer installs all three “editions” and it’s really just a licensing “on/off” switch that enables the extra features in the other editions.

If you bought a Steinberg UR22mkII audio interface like I did, I think you and I got AI when you activated. Of course Cubase, bless their pointy heads, can’t communicate facts in english. So instead it’s up to you to infer it from clues, Sherlock Holmes style.

You might notice (like I did) that your AI license gets you annoying popups offering a license upgrade for $49, which means you can get a new serial number, and without reinstalling anything, unlock all the extra Elements features, including the sampler track.

Elements sounds (thanks to photoshop) like a free version, but it’s not, it’s the cheap low end commercial license, downloaded in the same download name as LE, and AI.

I believe ELEMENTS has a Sampler track, and neither LE nor AI has a sampler track.


Yes, Elements has a sampler track.