Is there 'Save All' functionality in C6?

Kind users of Cubase,

I tried to open a completed project and it gave me an error message that samples could not be found :cry:

Is there a way that I can save all of my samples, wav files, etc right along with the Cubase file?

Is it the ‘Back Up Project’ Function? Is there any disadvantage in doing this?

Your suggestions are appreciated.

well if its missing samples from a VST instrument, sadly no. You should bounce instrument to audio and save the audio with the cubase project. or else make sure your sample library doesn’t get deleted, upgraded or changed.

Thank you for your helpful response ‘aptmusic9’. I also dug around on Google (funny how it does a better search of the Steinberg website than Steinberg itself :-/) and I found this forum post that shed some light as well:

So I’m guessing in the future when I make MIDI vst track I should bounce and save it on the same project at once. Then either freeze or mute the vst.

Does this save CPU resources at all? Any other tips?