Is there smooth scrolling in Cubase 11 or not?

When I migrated from Protools a few years back, one of the first things I noticed was the jagged scrolling (not smooth). I was disappointed but kind of learned to ignore it. But I really would like to get this going if I’m able. My conclusion from reading a few threads about this on this forum is that there does not seem to be a consensus as to whether smooth scrolling actually exists yet in Cubase or not. I have people on certain FB Cubase forums insisting that it does. And yet it does not for me. I’m using a Logitech MX anywhere 3 mouse and I’m on PC using Cubase 11. Can anyone confirm that they do actually have smooth scrolling and if so, what the problem might be on my end?

My computer seems very smooth. I have a 2019 Macbook Pro i9 16 gig ram. One thing on the mac is having a Apple Trackpad helps with controlling the scrolling. If you are seeing a stutter, I just don’t see that on my computer.

I have 32gb of ram (on PC). Maybe it’s a video card setting? I’m at a loss as far as what to do.
I’m trying to scroll horizontally using the scroll wheel and a modifier key, and it moves in jagged increments.

The only way I have experienced “smooth scrolling”, on my PCs is by using the middle mouse button and then panning around. Click middle mouse button, keep it pressed, drag mouse left/right, up/down and the view smoothly scrolls accordingly.

If anyone knows of another way, I’d be very glad to listen.

Totally smooth on win 11 (and 10) i9 9900 32gig ram using onboard graphics on ASUS z390 mb

But how?

  • Grabbing the scroll bar and moving it = smooth
  • Clicking Middle Mouse Button and moving it left or right = smooth
  • Shift + Mousewheel = ? (not smooth here)

It’s not smooth on the wheel, but it depends on how your mouse functions and which os - on Mac using the trackpad is much smoother, but they have better scroll implementation than windows (imo).

On windows my trackball ring seems to scroll smoother than my mouse wheel - and I think there must be something different in how they operate.

If it’s jumping erratically, then check what your mouse settings are, sometimes the the wheel can be set to 2 or 3 scroll lines.

Also check the logitech utility also, for example my kensington trackball I can set per application, and cubase has to be on the lowest setting:-

But even on lowest, it’s pretty much how @ggmanestraki has said above. If I move my wheel one notch down it scrolls from this:-

To this:-

So yes, quite a jump - I don’t know if that’s the same for others on windows?.

Holding the middle button down and moving around is really smooth in comparison - but it doesn’t feel natural to me.

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As much I like the middle mouse button, I can’t get used to it either.

Setting the wheel to scroll a different number of lines in win10 doesn’t change anything for me.

The issue is that when using the mouse wheel, it’s not as much scrolling as it is jumping. I don’t know why it’s different, but it is.

I am guessing that is by MS design as at least my scrollwheel clicks so every click is a step. Same in a browser etc.

Hm, not really. My mouse also does clicks, but when I scroll in the browser, I can see the line of text in your answer scroll up and down by 3 lines. I can see the text while it’s traveling between those two positions. But in Cubase, I have bar 2 on the left of the screen, I shift mousewheel once… BAM now I see bar 4 on the left of the screen. It’s as if it does not redraw the screen while scrolling, it’s instantaneous. This is all about the mouse wheel. If I grab the main time display and drag up or down, zooming is smooth. If I also drag left and right while at it, scrolling is also smooth. Toolbars are smooth, middle mouse pan is smooth.

Sooo, Cubase CAN and DOES scroll smoothly. But, the unfortunate thing (on PC?) is that a hugely natural and intuitive method of scrolling (mousewheel + modifiers) does not produce smooth results.

I’m also using master mx 3 mouse but I’m using cubase on macOS. The scrolling on almost everything I notice so far is pretty smooth for both vertical and horizontal scrolling. I’ve set in option+ smooth scrolling on, but I’m not sure if this will lead to same behaviour on windows version.

What I mean by smooth is… as long as I can control I can move as little as around 2-3 pixels, or move very fast following the wheel speed. It just feel like the touch screen on a smartphone. And the touchpad scrolling also response the same on the smoothness.

Yes I agree, I see that too, but would it not be logical that if you gave cubase the command move three lines (with the wheel) it does that instantaneous, to spare cpu/gpu cycles? Scrolling with the mouse pointer is probably a much finer grid/command. Only devs can answer this, if it is intended behaviour and why?

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To be honest, I don’t really know if I would like it if it scrolled smoothly. I use the mousewheel extensively, I’ve only ever used a PC, and I’m very used to how it is now. If it always scrolled smoothly, maybe I’d love it, maybe I’d hate it. I don’t know… It’s one of these things that you have to try first before expressing an opinion, so in this thread I’m just stating that a difference exists. Whether it works as intended or not, and the reasons why, it’s exactly as you say: Only the team would know.

Yea, it’s a mixture of windows software and a difference in the hardware often used on windows devices.

Going from Mac to Windows you notice how horrible the scrolling is in any application. Gamming mice are often a good solution, as they have solved some of this, as is a Kensington Track Ball.

It isn’t Cubase, it’s Windows.

For those chiming in saying it’s smooth for you on your Mac - Yes, it is only a PC issue.

Steinberg seems to ignore this. I even asked Greg on his Cubase stream one time and his response was "Idk, looks pretty good to me? "