Is there some kind of default "empty.cpr" file hidden somewhere?

There used to be, in the olden days, a file with default settings called “def.all”, told you it was olden days, right? I’m not asking about templates because they are something obvious you set for yourself. I wonder about e.g. why is the great feature “stationary cursor” always active when I open a new empty project. As great as “stationary cursor” is I’d most often like to activate it when I need it and have it dormant until then. And that was just one example of tiny issues that build up over time in your mind making cubasing less enjoyable. So yeah, I can create my own “empty.cpr” but I don’t want to waste the already ridiculously crowded templates window with another item if I could avoid it. Not a major issue but I wonder what are the rules which decides how an empty project is set up?