Is there some setting to automatically group rests correctly?

Hi is there any setting that I can use to automatically group the rests correctly? I have the meter as 6/4 instead of [1+1+1+1+1+1]/4 so that way the long notes automatically divide correctly and I can avoid stuff like a quarter-note, dotted half-note, regular half-note. Yes, I could go through and manually fix each measure, but that’s not really feasible in a 15-minute piece.

Can you illustrate or describe what you mean by “group the rests correctly”? The rests in the screenshot are correct in 6/4 meter.


How did you expect the rest to be grouped in 6/4?

If you mean that you want to avoid dotted rests, there are settings to a certain extent for that.

Looking at the top line (the flute), shouldn’t dotted rests be avoided in 6/4? I should clarified where I thought the error is in the original post. What I’ve attached is what I would normally expect.

I may be wrong, but I think 6/4 is considered a compound time of 2 x 3/4. A minim rest is never used in 3/4, so your original post is correct.

The dotted half rest shows the half-bar. One could argue that the next half rest (in the top line) should be two quarter rests, but I would say breaking the dotted half rest into half+quarter is old-fashioned. That is, in a proper 6/4 meter.

Now, if this 6/4 is supposed to be more like 3 × 2/4 (in other words, 3/2 but conducted in quarters), that’s a whole other thing! In order to group notes and rests that way, enter [2+2+2]/4 in the popover.

Ouch - that is 3/2 (surely)