Is there some sort of lasso selection tool like Photoshop?

This is something that people here who also know Photoshop and similar tools might be able to understand better, while most musicians will ask “What the hell do Photoshop and Cubase have to do with each other?” and you would be right, for the most part.

But, while I don’t know of any DAW that has this, at times it would be very useful in the key editor. For example, here I would like to select one of the two sets of notes in the mountains that you see, and while the regular marquee selection works, it takes more steps. So I wish there was a more efficient tool for this, especially when you have to do it several times.


It would be nice to have a lasso selection.

Cubase can handle this using the Logical Editor, though.


That sounds like a good idea.

Until then we can ammend selections by holding Shift or Ctrl/Cmd. Ie. we have to mark such areas in the way of several smaller areas.


Much appreciated!

That would be a great functionality to have? Maybe make a feature request post for that?

So I was just trying to implement this, but it doesn’t anything in my case. Is there anything else that you did?

Please show what you had, and what you did.

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Great idea. Bring it for C13!


Lasso / marquee selection tool would be welcomed!

This is actually a great idea. +1

Good idea, zero votes. :smiley:

The dodgy voting system is, well, dodgy.

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Most people like me are out of votes.

What’s the best way to send feedback to Steinberg?