Is there something like Cubase IC for a windows 8 laptop?

This is a question that the drummer of my band just ask me and I think it’s a valid one.

He doesn’t have an iPhone or Android Phone, he uses a Windows Phone. So Cubases IC isn’t available for him but he ask “Can I use it on my Windows 8 laptop?” and I din’t know the answer.

Is there something similar to Cubase IC for Windows 8 in a laptop? :neutral_face:

I think the closest thing is a touchosc type of controller.

but if you want to see the actuall project in any way, cubaseIC is the only remote I think. I sucked it up and got a iphooey for that, touchosc and a couple other things like ashleymadison :mrggreen:

Hopefully there will be enough draw with W10 that theres demand and developers for such an app.