Is there something wrong?

Hi all!

I’ve been a cubase user for more than 20 years. But I’m having all these GUI problems with lag. I know there is a topic already but Im wondering if its my computer that is slow?

Check out the videos below.

I’ve tried everything.

My setup is i7 8700K with 32gb ram, only SSDs and NVME disks.
Nvidia 1070 with 8GB ram
Scarlett 6i6 2nd generation with 256 buffer.

I have 3 monitors.
On the main monitor I have cubase, projekt window and the mixer.
The second monitor have supervision showing.
On the third monitor I have Tone Balance Control and Insight from iZotope.

When supervision, tone balance control and insight are activated and showing visual data there is a very big lag.
When closing all of these plugins there is no lag.

When only supervision from steinberg is showing the lag continues. Even if I remove the second and third monitor and only use on monitor there is a big lag when supervision is activated and showing data.

Is it my computer that is slow?


Without lag


I think Supervision is very good, but it needs a code review to debug that excessive consumption. It happens to me when I have several modules and I use sidechain in supervision. I have been told by Steinberg that some modules consume more resources than others. and so I stayed.

Supervision at highest FFT settings will always stress the system.
This is an FFT calculated in real time. It always applies latency.
The big picture will not change dramatically.

They are on an OneDrive. My browser tries to log in…
Can’t watch them.

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So its cpu heavy?

Strange, you should be able to see the videos… I can see them even if Im not logged in, and even in “incognito” (private) mode…

Right now, I’m working with a very modest laptop, and Windows 11, it’s not that the CPU complains much, but there is clearly a lag, but if you close the supervision it’s normal… what I do, in my case, is load more supervisions in CR and less modules in each, it seems that I am doing better.

On the desktop for heavier work, I use an i7 6700k with an Nvidia GT710 and 24Gb of RAM. windows 11, Cubase 11 and it runs smoothly.

Sometimes the GT710 doesn’t detect the third screen for me, but after one or 2 reboots, it works. Just for clarification.

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Ah thanks! And you seem to have a good idea about loading more supervisions in CR but less modules in each. I’ll give that a try!

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I hope it helps you, hopefully it comes more refined and better in C12.

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