Is there still an update in the pipeline before cubase 8.

Update cubase 7.5.20 has bin out for a while. Is there going to be an update after cubase 7.5.20 before cubase 8 comes out in december 2014. I know that steinberg is working hard on it,s Groove agent 4 and Scoring software.

Can someone Reply on this THANKS :smiley: .

Cubase 8 comes out in December 2014?

Maybe even November … :astonished:

Well if there isn’t then it was a complete and utter waste of time changing the updates from .1 to .10 .

I just hope they go on bug patrol and reel in some of the bugs that have in some case been lingering for quite some time. I for one would like to see an interim update that addresses these issues prior to a more features in a version 8.


Aloha guys,

How often should updates be issued?
Every month? 2 months? 3 months? 4 months?

My C7.5 says built on March 21.
That was way less than four months ago.
Less than 120 days ago.
Is that a ‘while’?

Guess with todays tech trending that amount of time could be considered a ‘while’.

Food for thought.

I think you are saying a version 8 coming out soon is a little too much. If so I agree, as it is nothing more than money talking. There is not really a lot of bucks in bug fixes, that is of course until you start losing customers due to an inferior product that is no longer considered professional. I am not saying that is Cubase right now, but I am saying there is a risk in ignoring bugs that don’t pay to be fixed and the alternative of pumping out revenue producing major updates or new versions with a focus on new features. Sooner or later the money only making mentality is going to byte one in the butt. I am still hoping that either there is an interim update with a focus on bug eradication or that a new version will squash a lot of the known issues. I mean I am nothing more than just a bedroom wanabe studio operation, but a lot of folks use this software to make a living and it is getting embarrassing when others look over your shoulder and ask why you are doing something a certain way (as a work around to a bug issue). Or the see the stationary cursor flashing and they ask how can you work that way? So here is to the new version whenever it comes out and I am hopeful the fixes come as well. But to answer your question, yes, IMHO it seems like jumping a major revision in that short of time is a bit fast or much.


Nice one!

Steinberg can’t afford to release such an “un-finished” product, as C7 were on release, one more time.
Cubase 8 has to be of a much better caliber out of the gate.

And Steinberg will not be taken seriously if the left C7.5 were it is now. Then many users will feel abandoned.
The C7 cycle (as well as the Nuendo 6 cycle) has not been a good one for them, and they know it. They just don’t say it.

At least a couple more updates in the C7.5 cycle is absolutely in order. It’s nowhere near finished, as I can see it.

IBM you could be right, hope you are as well… The only thing I know is that time will tell.


Whistling past the graveyard?

How will new features come otherwise?

I want a new version of Cubase ASAP, in order to introduce new features to MixConsole, the Inspector and Batch files that I know won’t come with a typical bugfix.

What bugs are you experiencing anyway and remember new versions bring with them new bug fixes of their own so if you are claiming to stand up for the working-class of the studio world, then you need to clarify your statements.

The sooner a new version comes the better because I am using the C7 (not 7.5 fork) and I don’t want to have to “fork” out money for futher fixes to features I don’t use.

There is the stationary cursor bug that makes the scrolling really jerky when zoomed in and at the same time the cursor flickers like a roman candle. There is one I found recently that I think is a bug, where you arm a track and have it ready to go and there is no sound. I think there is a way to mickey mouse it around to get it to work. I am not in front of Cubase, so I can not describe it better, sorry. But really for a bug list look in the issues section of the Cubase forum. You will see many issues that need resolving. Now if you can tell me a new version 8 will come out with “issue” and “bug” fixes done and also include new features I am all for it, bring it on. But in my experience most software houses bring out bug fix related incremental releases and after the version is largely cleaned up, then push for a major new version release. Not trying to tell Steiny how to run their show, but this is just my hope that these bugs are not bypassed in favor of a major new release. I also stand by the fact there is not a lot of money (thus lower incentive to fix them) in bug fixes and that major new releases with new features are what keeps the cash flowing. I have worked in a software development house and seen first hand that which I speak of.

Take care and rock on,

Hi Lil Bro,

I guess it depends on what you do.

Being a “bedroom producer” myself (writing for only yours truly) I am more interested in features rather than bug fixes parse but if a feature needs improvement, then there may be a cost in doing that, i.e. new (but not necessarily more) bug fixes.

Without being categorical, for the professionals, they must stick with a previous version for the forseeable future, as moving away from XP and Windows 7 will likely render their studio inoperable for at least a week due to needed upgrades to hardware and so on.

But for the semi-professional musician and producer, they can be ther first to try out the workflow improvements and give feedback to Steinberg so that going forward those features that are now staples in the current version are improved upon in the next product cycle.

As I saw, just considering the facts, Steinberg released C7 too early with tons of bugs and almost unuseful since C7.5 (one year later), as we seen in the past, probably they will release Cubase 8 alpha version in Nov 2014 for only 200euro upgrade from C7.5, then we will wait 2016 for a final release, but in the meantime we could wait and hope for a final version of 7.5 if they have time to do it. Steinberg completely lost the face under OSX with C7 and N6, will be not easy or almost impossible raise back to che top. Just the facts no any kind of sarcasm. A good way to start a new relationship with old users could be give us a free update to 8, especially who brought C7 in Dec 2012.

The problem is Apple, constantly changing the goal posts. Unlikely to ever be joy on that platform with audio unless you’re using another program unfortunately but that’s just my honest assesment.

c’mon sycophant try to be honest, Cubase 6.5 still works great under osx 10.7 10.8. 10.9 no problems at all… are u sure is apple problems? I’ve used Cubase 6.5 with K. Musgraves last night live show, no problems no clicks, no stops, nothing wrong under 10.9. C7.5 still have audio export problems, and a lot of other issues not connected with the new “features”.

I was on 6.5 and was fairing pretty well with that, a solid build and release. I went to 7.5 and was appalled at some of the issues. You are right in that a lot of the issues were things that popped up that were not broke in 6.5, but suddenly were by 7.5. Is that the price of progress? If so not a very slick way to get there. I certainly hope Steiny is paying attention and that they will work hard to fix up these shortcomings.


Here is were our paths are going in different directions. We shouldn’t even discuss these issues because of different interrests in our tools IMO.

I am a professional, in the sense of running a commersial studio. I have no time to fuck around with newly introduced bugs, broken features from the prior version, new features not working as announced, core functions changed in such big ways that it affects our workflow in a large negative way (Mixer and Control Room), etc…

That’s why many of still use Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 5.5 as our main DAW (in paid work,with clients on your shoulder).
I have had C7 since release, and there are still bugs/broken features and core functions that needs fixing (the Focusing system - What’s that’s all about?), etc…

Steinberg just can’t leave a version of their software in that state. If they do, they just prove that they don’t care for their customers at all (pro’s or not).

So don’t speak SO LOUD about us “whiners”, when having no clue what users who depend on (and should be able to trust) their DAW to be able to keep their business running.

PS. Of corse I want to be able to implement the Track Versions and Track Visibility in my work. But those two great additions to Cubase 7.5 doesn’t outweigh all the mis-implemented and broken (still not fixed) features.

Add in the big changes in core functions, bringing even Steinberg out on deep water, and you will clearly see that from a business point of view it’s best to stay on C6.5/N5.5.
So that’s what I do, even 18 months after a new major version were released.

Steinberg is swimming in circles, threading the water on the C7/N6 cycle. Fix it before you drown :wink:

My thoughts on what is a “while”…

Maintenance releases to fix bugs in existing software should be released as soon as they fix them. Not wait for a bunch of fixes.

What interval is that…
IMO daily, even hourly is not out of the question with todays technology. In my previous life (job) I have first hand experience to prove that kind of world class customer support is possible.

The reality for Cubase… I guess a “while” is whatever the Steinberg bean counters deem good enough to keep customers happy which, of course, translates to their bottom line ROI.

I’m happy with Cubase but could I be happier… YES.

Regards :sunglasses: