Is there still GUI issues with plugins?

I have Cubase 7.5 and sierra installed and I’m having so many issues with the GUI of some of my plugins showing a black screen. Is this fixed in Cubase 9??

I’ve never had this issue and haven’t read about others having it – though I might have missed them if they did. Can anyone else confirm?

On Mac systems this usually happens in 32-bit mode with VST2 plug-ins, when the plug-in overlays a Carbon frame on the Cocoa Cubase’s window. It does not happen with VST3 and with VST2 64-bit plug-ins.
If this is the case, there is no work-around other than using 64-bit and/or VST3, it’s a scenario which is unsupported by the VST SDK. Cubase 9 is not affected, being 64-bit only, you might want to check out the trial to see if the problem actually disappears.

Is this your use-case?
(this is different to the blank, white plug-in frame, which is usually due to running out or RAM).

There is a thread here:
But the posts I linked are no longer available (I’d guess a side-effect of the forums cleaning occurred a while back…)