Is There Such A Thing As A Cubase Coach?

Just curious…

Is there a Cubase expert out there who would be interested in coaching me on Cubase 11 Pro.

To start I just need someone to help me get some of the technical stuff set up. Just purchased a new interface and things aren’t working.

Once that is out of the way, would be nice to have someone who could do some session with me to the point where I’m using the software correctly and not running into a snag every time inspiration hits and my inexperience kills the creativity.

I am not a complete beginner to recording, just to Cubase.

I know there are a ton of videos and other training out there but that eats up a lot of time looking around for answers.

I would rather just pay someone who can coach me and be available from time to time to answer questions.

If you or anyone you know does this sort of thing, let me know below or second me a DM and lets talk.

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I sent you PM.

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