Is there such a thing as an 'Uncrash log?

Aloha guys.

Loving C8 so far but having some probs on start up.
(working with Steiny now to try and solve them. thanks guys).

C8 starts and works normally about once in three tries.
Of course when it crashes I get a crash log report.

I now wish I could get a log when C8 does not crash so I could compare
the two different logs to find any differences/changes.

So is there such a thing as an 'Uncrash log?

TIA (thanks in advance)


Don’t know if this is possible,
I used “WhoCrashed” to find out that my system was crashing on a faulty driver.


I can’t speak for Mac but in Windows there is a log for everything. For “normal” events it is called an “Information” log and it is found in the Windows Event Viewer under Windows Logs>System. You click on an event and click on the “Details” tab to see the log. I never really compared a crash log (which would be categorized as an “Error” or “Warning” log to an “Information” (uncrash) log to see the difference. Let us know if a Mac offers something similar.

Interesting… :wink:

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Quite new to Mac here, but there seems to be lots of info under System Information, Software, Logs…

Aloha D,

And tanx for the tip.

And you said:

Quite new to Mac

Wow! A lil more time and you will be a master! :slight_smile:

Anyway I will check it out but since I don’t code (yet. I’m learning) I may not able able to spot any differences
if the two different logs don’t look alike (in format) but I will give it ‘the olde college try’.

Sending much aloha to you and everyone else in this thread.

Good Luck!