I am a US based producer and after using Image Line FL Studio for years and more recently Cakewalk Sonar X1, I have decided to give a try to Cubase. I’ve purchased the boxed version of Cubase 6, installed it on my computer and upgraded to version 6,5. I did the initial setup, registered for Steiberg support and tried to use support by asking a very simple third party VST compatibility question. After several days I have received a response that my registration was not recognized and I had to redo it. I’ve followed the instructions, registered my product again and sent a screen shot of my registration page to Steinberg support showing my registration key and supported product as evidence. After a few days a person named Joshua Matlock responded that I was NOT a registered user since he has not seen enough evidence that my USB key device was plugged to my computer. I have send back new screen shots of my registration page and eLicenser control center showing active registration key and supported product, an open project on Cubase 6.5, and pictures of my USB device plugged to my computer in a new e-mail. This last e-mail was sent back 2 weeks ago to Joshua Matlock with no answer so far. I have also sent a new support form to the Steinberg support team a week ago and I am still waiting for an answer.

I guess Steinberg is obsessed with nightmares of piracy and treats every legal registered user as a potential criminal. Why in the world would I seek support from Steinberg if I was involved in illegal use of their products? How much evidence do I need to provide that I am a LEGAL REGISTERED USER OF CUBASE 6.5 and I HAVE PAYED FOR MY LICENSE?

There is something fundamentally wrong with Steinberg’s philosophy of product registration and use. Needless to say how disappointed I am as a new user from the so called Steinberg “Support”.

Cubase might be a great product but Steinberg will NEVER grow and live to the standards of the competitive world of music production if they treat their customers like this.


DJ Emmo
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

I think North America support is handled by the Yamaha Corporation.

Must select the “YES” option to forward information to Yamaha Corporation of America. This Option is located in your My Steinberg Account, under “Data Forwarding and Privacy Policy.

And anyone who did not spot that, like we Europeans did, maybe has something wrong with their business model somewhere?
If I had a breakdown of comms like that I’d actually write to the company using MY company-letterheaded stationery and see how we could further resolve the situation rather than post on an anonymous forum where you could be anyone from the first lady to a hotel bellboy. Either one of which could claim to be “Close to the president.”
For you, that doesn’t look good.

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