Is there video tutorials for Halion 4?

All I found was this
and it’s very helpful but its only about key switches, all other videos about halion on youtube are either foreign language or I don’t know about what. I’m interested especially about learning how to set up drum set to have certain drum sounds at certain keys

This one :

that one doesn’t even have sound.

Have you checked the Operation Manual? What you need to know is detailed in the “Mapping Zones” section.

thank you i will try that.

The manuals tell you all about the features, but it’s not good for inspiring me with a gameplan in actually going in. It’s actually more easy to get lost and come out not learning anything but a few keywords. How to actually use it? Your still on your own imo.

There aren’t enough documentation of that kind for Halion unfortunately. I bought one of the G3 videos and it was a little too simple even for me, and I hadn’t even installed the SW yet.

Youtube has only Steinbergs matketing videos. I’ll probably be trying to learn it for a year or 2 until I can actually be musical with it.

I got the basics, the rest I will have to figure out on my own when I have time, the main problem I had was I think not using the interface (that I already had) - the interface made a lot of problems disappear - computer alone can not handle halion.

Well mapping samples to key is something that you can get from the manual, it will take some page swinging but you cab at least get it.

But from there, you get into round robin, zones, layering, voice groups, zoned voice groups, etc. this is where you have so many factors and it is hard to wrap it all into a package in your brain to actually sit down and complete a full featured drum sampler.

I’m looking to stop making music for a few weeks and focus on just creating HALion projects and just using the manual PDF shortcut everytime I get stuck. Currently have the pdf on my phone and get 10 pages per day on the train, but this is going in and out of the brain.