Is there way split for example 1/4 note this way (not basic way)

is there way divide for example 1/4 note this way i mean i need triplet what is 1/8 length and 1/8 note. of course triplet notes are going have all in same pitch but i can change them later. but such feature makes easier import my virtual guitar trill (i use manufacturer term not real trill this i feel more like some kind mordent) sounds ones what are played long note and in start is quick change beetween like my example and change happens one 1/8 note time for example. then such needs replaced triplet and last note on tripled is tied with this end 1/8 note. is there any fast workflow do this kind conversion or its better do such midi data with daw side when i compose daw side what is technically same what this automatic feature is. and use end result in Dorico. and basic splitting i know what splits notes given point to regular (non tuplet values) note values. what also helps some other cases thank your for this feature if developers read this.

When you import MIDI, you can set the quantization options to detect tuplets.

yes (if i do suitable midi data and allready done tests works well things what Studio One counts tuplet and in saved midi Dorico sees them as well) but such note (its way how this vst controlled) what mean edit is single 1/4 note.