Is there way to have media bay show only what's in the pool?

You can customise the media bay to show or hide whatever you want, there’s some excellent tutorials on youtube that shows you exactly what to do. Well worth watching and learning from.

It’s an incredibly powerful and underrated feature, once you’ve got it set up to your needs, it can really speed up your workflow, especially off you have multiple drives stuffed full of loops, samples, midi files and presets.

It’s easy us enough to add your project folder branch to the media bay or even add a new folder. the audio files pool are usually in the project folder ex:G/Compositions/Project Name/Audio

If you right click on that folder, it should just scan that particular one?

What exactly would you like to achieve in the media bay that you can’t do in the audio pool window? ie:drag and drop audio back into the project, conform files and such? There may a workaround.

To have the media bay display all the options it offers for every individual project as you suggest could possibly be a nightmare scenario as projects get moved, shifted around, cleaned up dynamicly as wav’a get truncated during edits and harmonicly shifted to create harmonies etc etc during/after every session, with backups or incrementing saves, it would get so confused…