Is this a bug? ARA2 editor disappears

Im trying to use Spectralayers with ARA2, but the editor has disappeared.

When adding to an event, it no longer opens the lowerzone with spectralayers loaded and the separate window is not opened (but it was earlier).

In addition there is no recall to lower zone button like normally if it is opened in a separate window (which it’s not)

Okay I think this somehow occurred because - I DID - launch ARA2 Spectralayers into separate Window and then I saved that to a workspace… and so now… my ARA 2 window is lost into the workspace abyss?

is there a way I can record the screen to show you?

Exactly the same happened to me the other day. Not managed to get it back yet either!

Coupled with horrendous .npr file sizes when used in ARA mode I just use Spectralayers in stand alone mode (like I did with 7). ARA mode still seems pretty buggy unfortunately.

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Thank you for confirming.

A simple Cubase restart solved the problem but reloading a big project takes a couple minutes on my system…

can we find some commonalities perhaps?

  • Had you also prior at some point launched ARA2 into a separate Window

  • Do you have Workspaces saved to project?

  • At any point had you changed Workspaces?

  • At any point had you changed Workspaces while ARA2 was open?

  • At any point, had you included ARA2 into a saved Workspace?

Yeah I usually work with all my editor in a separate window. Can’t remember the reason I’d had it in the lower zone but when I popped it back to its own window thats when the issue arose.

I don’t use workspaces in the traditional sense as I have a Nuage system so that uses it’s own set of controls for track visibilities etc.

I see in another thread someone had issues with a three monitor setup and another having issues with a 34" hi-res screen. I use 3 monitors and my project window monitor is hi-res… at this point I don’t have a lot going for hope of success with SL8 under ARA! :wink:

As I mentioned earlier, the huge increase in project file size is enough to make SL under ARA pretty useless unfortunately. It’s great as standalone though; excellent tool.

Thanks, so it seems the issue is somewhere in the window pop-out/lower zone recall protocol.