Is this a bug?

Hi when looking for samples in mediabay you can preview the samples and adjust the level so you can get the level right with your mix, then double ckick to add to your project . im sure it used to add the sample with the preview level but this seems not to happen anymore the sample loads and goes to 0 db on the mixer .am i missing a preference thats changed or is this a 7.0.5 bug?



Sorry but I think you dreamt that function, I’m sure this has never been part of Cubase.

well i just checked 6.5.5 and it works in there! so this must be a bug!

Oh OK sorry my bad. :blush:

Maybe it was a bug in 6.5, and it’s now corrected in 7?

Still works here just as in 6.5.

The volume level of the media bay preview has nothing to do with the gain of the sound file or the channel it gets dragged to, so it’s not bug- it may be more of a tutorial issue.

yep 6.5 had this so does 7.05, I adjust the volume in media bay, double click and presto …same volume level in project! just did it. but I have noticed that some stuff i had imported from mediabay DID NOT adjust, but imported at 0db.

Hm. What’s the difference between those that did and those that didn’t?

If it’s pulled to an existing track nothing special happens. If it’s pulled into nowhere a new track is created, adapting the preview level.

Oh, That’s true. :blush:

Glad it’s not just me.
:blush: :blush:

So does anyone know if this is going to be fixed in 7.0.6?

Why should it be fixed? If you set the volume in the preview to a certain level then I think it’s nice that it will be imported to a track that is automatically set to that level. Why would you call this a bug?

Hello all,

It works as intended, if you import a file to a new empty track or to an empty space in the project page it will adopt the volume that you selected at the MediaBay preview.

But if the audio track already contains some audio files at a different volume level (E.g. 0.00 db) then the audio track it will not change.

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