Is this a bug?

In my Cubase 9 (this did not happen with 8.5 & before) pressing SHIFT-ALT 1 (or 2,3,4,5) causes the inserts in the mixer window to bypass off momentarily. This then shows up in the history panel. This is using the keyboard numbers, not the numlock keys.
It’s a nuisance because these are the controls for shuttle-jog commands and are used by my Shuttle Pro wheel. Consequently this is no longer working properly, though it did in 8.5.
I have checked and there is an available keyboard command to switch all inserts to bypass, but it is currently blank.
Does anyone else observe this behaviour?
Is this a bug or does it serve a purpose and is “by design” ?

I don’t know what shift-alt-1 does, here it doesn’t appear to do anything, and I can assign it to a command, where it works correctly.

What do you see when you operate the ShuttlePro with the key commands window open and the ‘type in key’ windo focused?

You can change the the commands your ShuttlePro sends, from its control panel, or you can change the commands in the Cubase key commands window.

The shuttle pro is using the same commands is it did before in 7, 8 and 8.5 - listed in key Commands as ALT+SHIFT+1(2,3,4,5) for shuttle backwards and CTRL+SHIFT+1(2,3,4,5) for forwards. These commands work if sent from the keyboard, but only some of them now work if sent from from the Shuttle Pro.
What’s alarming is to see all my inserts flashing OFF for the duration of the keypress or Jogwheel.
It’s the fact that this happens when the Shuttle Pro isn’t used that was making it think it might be a bug. But if no one can copy the effect then it is an “idiosyncracy” rather than a “bug” perhaps.

But what do you see when you operate the ShuttlePro with the key commands window open and the ‘type in key’ window focused?

I just ran another check. I doesn’t matter what assignments are given to jog commands. Or what project they are used in. Any inserts used start flashing bypassed for the duration of the keypress/jog. Curious

Sorry - our messages crossed. What I see in the cubase key commands window when I turn the Shuttle Pro Wheel is the same list of Shift+Alt 1(1,3,4,5) and Shift CTRL etc that I mentioned above.