Is this a correct way to create parallel buss processing?

Hello, I have my drums routed to Stereo Out from the rack tab, then from the Sends tab they all go to a Drums Group track, upon which there is a compressor. Is this a correct way to do parallel compression in cubase? Not hearing a big difference.

Many thanks!

Not hearing a big difference to what?

Sounds like your routing is OK…I assume you’re seeing signal in the group channel?

Yes there is signal. Ok thank you, just wanted to make sure the proceeding was correct! :slight_smile:

You might also want to make sure your sends are pre fader so you can mix between processed and unprocessed easily.

If set post fade every time you turn down the original you also turn down the signal into the compressor which is not what you want (probably)

Also don’t be shy with the compression, smash the H… Out of it. Then slowly add that compressed sound to the original.

Yes, but be careful, a lot of “NY compression” plugin vendors will lose a lot of money if people find out :smiling_imp:


in the analog world this the right way

i have to test it again in C8 (i’m coming from C5), so sorry if my answer is incomplete in some ways

depending on the plugins you are using sometimes it can happens that your that your two bus (or track + bus) you are mixing are not perfectly time aligned
it even happens in mixing oriented DAW like pro tools

this result in comb filtering (result of adding the same as original but with a very short delay)
also know as flanger
even if it is not very strong it can mess your transients

it can be a direction to take for special fx but it is not what you aimed for in the first place maybe ?

good thing to test that everything is OK is using the signal generator or a wave of white noise as a source
to test your routing (with the plugins)
(be careful of volume as you have all frequencies at max intensity hear damage happens quicker with this type of signal - dont listen too long and too loud)

then on your master / or the bus where you add the normal and compressed signal, use an analyser (or your ears)

when you add the signal from the processing bus (compression in your case) the sound / graph shouldn’t change.
(appart from volume obviously)

if you do it by ear >
the tone or predominant frequency you will “ear” when playing the white noise is dependant on your room acoustics (room modes…)
this is (the tone) what should be mooving if you encouter comb filtering
so don’t move your listening position when you make the test

Also note that is really working when you have low level information in your sources
if you use drums from sound banks that are already (usually) very processed you wont benefit a lot from this

hope it helps !

This is not an issue in Cubase.

Here’s a link on how to, NY compression: