Is this a Cubase 9 bug?

Cubase 9.0.3 does not record audio tracks at all.
I connected a condenser microphone to Input2 of UR242.
Phantom power turned on.
I added a mono-in bus in VST connections and set mono-in to input2.
I made a mono track and recorded it, but no sound is recorded at all.
However, you can turn off Cubase and turn on the UR242 dsp mixer to record.
Not a problem with audio interfaces or condenser microphones
Is this a Cubase 9 bug?
Have you ever experienced something like me?

Just a few ideas:
a) check with input 1 on input bus - thinking that names in driver are just mixed up.
Or make a stereo track and select input - if you get something.
b) track armed for record - monitor(speaker symbol) on - do you see movement of meters?
c) no clip created at all on track?
d) if clip is there but no sound - turn off monitor so you don’t monitor input and play back clip instead.