Is this a Cubase issue? Video Attached

Hi there…

I just uploaded this real quick.

First I play, then I play back and you’ll hear the issue.

Auto-Quantize is OFF in transport.

Issue #1 - Does this sound like something I did? Or a Cubase error? I know I didn’t play it perfectly, but I certainly didn’t play it the way it played back…

Issue #2 - All of a sudden, the signal flow of Cubase seems wacky. If I click on a MIDI track, even though I have my sends properly set up, I get the instrument dry, but if I go to VST return from vienna and click on that, all of a sudden the Reverb kicks in…

Basically, I’ve been trying to synchronize Cubase to Pro Tools or to a Video Slave software because the video started getting choppy, and I’m wondering if this sounds like I did something wrong.

I have since uninstalled ipMIDI, and returned Cubase back to no project Sync options.

I seem to have the worst luck with this and this is a new computer (replaced about 3 months ago).


My specs:

Main System:
2x6 core Westmere 2.93 12 core 48 Gbs of ram,
Supermicro Motherboard
Nvidia Geforce 680
Windows 7
Cubase Pro 8 (8.0.5)
Vepro Latest version

Slaves: 5 of them
i7 quad core 64gbs of Ram
Asus motherboard
Windows 7
Vepro Latest Version