Is this a "Default Text" bug??

When I check the settings for “Default Text” in Engrave Mode-Engrave Menu-Font Styles, it’s the expected 11 pt-size regular text:

However, when I subsequently click on an object in the score and choose “shift-X” to create text at that spot, this is what the default is switched to for some unexplained reason, again by default:

(15 pt and bold).

Is this a bug and is there anyway to restore the Default Text to what it SAYS it is? It’s becoming annoying to have to constantly switch it back manually each time I create text. Thanks in advance -

(follow-up!) “Never mind” - I see that what I NEEDED to change was the “Default Text” setting in Engrave Mode->Engrave Menu->Paragraph Styles. To be perfectly honest, I’m at a loss what those distinctions are, ie. why the “staff text” default should be set in “Paragraph Styles” vs. under “Font Styles” as I had presumed and would love some clarification.

  • D.D.

See here.