Is this a feature of Cubase 12?

The interface I am using is the RME Fireface UCX.
The RME Fireface UCX is a multi-client audio interface.
So I could listen to multiple audios without having to check the “Release ASIO driver in background” box in Cubase.
However, in Cubase 12 this is no longer possible.
Is this a feature of Cubase 12?
Or is this something that will be improved in the future?

It’s not that I can’t listen to it at all, but noise is added and I can’t listen to it as music.

i have an UCX, too, and multiclient ASIO still works flawlessly with cubase 12 and other software. So it shouldn’t be Cubase, but I am not aware pf any settings regarding that. Have you tried updating the UVX driver and firmware?

Since Cubase 12, YouTube images and sound have been strange when Cubase is up and running. I thought it was the interface, so I spent days in contact with the RME company trying to get everything fixed, but I finally solved the problem by checking the “Release ASIO drivers in the background” checkbox in Cubase.
However, when I turn it on, when I play Cubase 12 with the MIDI Remote, it works, but no sound comes out. That was because Cubase was not active (the MIDI Remote device can operate even if Cubase is not active).
I use Cubase and other applications together in my work.
This is very inconvenient for me.

When you turn it on… not…
When I check the “Release ASIO drivers in background” checkbox in Cubase…

Hi, I just discovered the same problem with Cubase 12Pro and Youtube - the latter wont play - I have 3 interfaces 1 x AXR4U, Steinberg’s flag ship and 2 x Roland Octa-captures and Cubase 12 wont play with any of them. Youtube will occasionally play when Cubase is open but no project is open but not when you open a project; it seems very random. I’ve tried different size projects from just a template to a 40+ track count and no different. Did you figure out the cause of the problem.