Is This A Forum Or Support Issue?


I’m starting to study Wave Lab 9.00. The tutorial I’m following mentions three “screen themes”, “Light, Dark and Black”, while my issue of Wave Lab only has the “Light” and “Dark” ones.

Is there something I need to download, so that I will have all three? I’ve already checked for updates, but there doesn’t seem to be any.


The Black Theme was introduced somewhere around WaveLab 9.0.10 (maybe 9.0.15) so if you are still using 9.0.0, it’s correct that you don’t see a black theme.

You can check this page for the latest maintenance updates:

WaveLab is currently at 9.0.35

Oooooo! :astonished:

I’m behind time! I must admit to a type of procrastination, meaning, that as with Dorico, I shopped with the intention of getting into it, “when I had time”. Well, now that I do have time, I am reminded that “time and tide wait for no man”. :laughing:

Thanx, for the “heads up”, Justin P! :slight_smile: