Is this a good audio computer to buy?

I don’t know if it is alowed to aks here a computer question.
I want to buy a new computer to running cubase and dorico.
I saw this computer and want to know if it is a good deal to run cubase
It’s the : Lenovo IdeaCentre T540 - 90LW003AMH.
I hope anyone can give me advice.

It doesn’t look too bad but memory is not enough at 8gig. If you don’t want to build one yourself I would be tempted to go to a place where they do specialist audio computers. They don’t have to cost much more. In the uk I use cclonline and scan computers. I used to build myself but since they charge very little to do it for you I don’t bother these days. Also I didn’t have to means to test if I had a bad component.

Oke. Thanks very much. I have contact a computer shop in my place in Holland. They build an audio computer for my.

Great I hope it works out for you