Is this a kind of bug?

In > Engraving Options > Tuplets > Successive tuples of the same unit and ratio, I’ve chosen for ‘Hide ratio and brackets’. When I try to copy and paste notes with hidden ratio and brackets, Dorico doesn’t recognise them as tuplets. In the attached example the third bar is copied from the second.

Yeah, that’s a known problem. Tuplets are only copied if they are selected - not matter if they are visible at all…

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Not a bug. The bracket is an integral part of the note, so if you don’t make the bracket visible (and include it in the selection) before copying, then Dorico doesn’t know to copy it. It is perhaps not an ideal workflow, but it is not a bug.


If you are not hiding the tuplet signpost, you can select and copy as normal.

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Oh well, of course, yes that is actually consistent. I should have realized that when I ‘hid’ the signposts. Thank you for this quick answer!

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