I’m confused with this new forum - there are loads of people on here with pc set ups - have they combined pcs and macs now and if so why?

It’s for both…

surely pc and mac users will experience different issues due to having different Operating systems etc no?

In some cases maybe, but in most cases it’s just a question of knowing the program.
Splitting up the 2 groups means they never get to see eachothers problems so you have less people to help you out.
I know I wouldn’t read the mac forums if they were here.

edit: not actually saying I would be useful in either forum :sunglasses:

If you have a platform specific post you can prefix it with either mac/pc so others’ know which system it is related to and thus you may obtain more relevant replies.

cool - thanks guys

Initially I had quiet misgivings about this arrangement. But it seems to be working very well with a refreshing absence of platform bias disputes as the focus is on using Cubase.

Pretty cool actually. :sunglasses:

And I’m learning a lil bit about PC file structure etc.

Here is a good example: (scroll down 9 posts).


If you want to go to the exact post, scroll to it and click on the title in the post (not thread) like this:

notice that it puts a # and post number after the thread number.

Excellent example.

Solutions for users of either platform were offered in the thread referenced above.

Its pretty noisy. Now you don’t find the good stuff. I cant sit here and read about all that windows crap. And the problems within cubase are very different depending on your platform. A really bad move. For the windows users the noise level is probably the same so they dont see the problem.

That’s fine to say, but the real test is will there be any trolling in Mac defined threads.

Just curious to know what you mean: Trolling by who? Windows users? Why?