Is this a macro bug? Not getting the full track selected

I have a macro that i use all the time to export my projects. Its just a simple one that selects all, sets locators to each end, and then set this range for export.

It works perfectly with my normal project which are under 5mins, but about once or twice a month i have to EQ my bands rehearsal recording, which can be up to just over an hour. This is one long clip.

If i manually select the track using ‘P’ it all works fine, but using the macro i get various lengths selected. Quite often just the last 20mins or so, but it always varies.

This is just one stereo wav file, which has been created from two joined together, using Bounce Selection. No markers or anything like that. Each of the original wav files have had sections cut out of them, but the resulting export can start halfway through a song, where i would not have done any cutting.

The best thing would be if you just show the macro here.
Which command(s) do you use for the selection of the entire area?

Yep, you’re right, here it is.
Ive discovered a bit more. If i use the keyboard shortcut, i get the last bit, which is the Export window, but the selection part isnt working at all. This will explain the different ranges.
If i use the same Macro via the menu then it works perfectly,

If the macro itself works (via a menu call), but not via a keyboard shortcut - is that where the error is?
Unfortunately, the assignment of the keyboard shortcut to the macro cannot be seen in your photo. Could you show that too?
In the macro itself, I can’t see any errors

Sorry, here you go. I think this key combo was used for File/Export originally, so i changed it to my macro. Its not used with any other function.
Yes, it works from the menu but not the shortcut. Nothing gets selected, although the export window does open, so CB is seeing the key command.

I took over the macro and used the same shortcut.
The project length was 38 minutes (a single audio file).
Everything works as expected for me! (here C11pro with W10pro)

I cant see why it wouldn’t work….only it doesn’t for me lol.

Forgot to add, also on CB11 Pro and Windows 10 pro,

Try putting some filler before File-Export Audio Mixdown. A save command, or something painless like that. It might be that Export pops up before Cubase finishes selecting and locating.

Edit: What about focus? Is the focus on the project window when pressing Shift+A? You could add Project> Bring to Front as the first command if that’s the case.

Ill give thats go. As you say, it might need slowing down, but it will work ok from the menu.

Focus is fine, i use this Macro also to every day, and again, it works ok from the menu.

To clarify the cause, you could do a test: Does the macro with the keyboard shortcut work if only the first two commands are used?

No, the first two parts dont work using the keyboard commands. I have tried having just those two lines in the Macro.

Then the next questions would be:
Does the first line work alone (Select All)?
Does the second line work alone (Set the Locators) if the All-selection was previously made manually?
That would be two single-line macros that I would test.

Nothing gets selected. Thats the part that i need working.
I can see what’s happening and its nothing lol.
Using the menu method i can see the clip is selected and then the markers are put at each end. Using the keyboard, none of that happens. Changing nothing between testing this.

Now here’s the interesting bit. I just changed the keystrokes and it works fine with the new key commands. I put the old keystroke on to Track monitor on/off, and used wha ti had set for that on the Macro, and that worked fine for both.
I then put them back to how they were, and now both are still working as they should.

So the issue has gone for now. Thanks for your time, not much more we can do until it happens again. Hopefully it wont.

That’s great. You don’t change any languages, do you?

Nope, didnt change a thing other than what keystrokes were assigned to what function.

Must just be on of those things.

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