Is this a Marker bug?


When I create a new marker (not a cycle marker), it creates it as #1. Cool. But when I hit the key command (shift+1) to go to marker 1 it goes to the left locater, and respectively, shift+2 goes to the right locater. I can see the logic behind that. But in order for me to go to the newly created marker via key command, I have to rename it, in this case, #3. Then the key command shift+3 works. Seems like if the key commands are being dedicated to markers, when you create marker #1, then Shift+1 should take you to that marker. Am I missing something? I guess I could always create new key commands for the markers…

Keypad 1 & 2 are set by default to the left and right locators. But you can change that in the Key Commands. I set Keypads 1 & 2 to Markers 1 & 2, and Keypads - & + to left & right Locators.