Is this an Ilok, East West, or Cubase Issue? Solutions?

Cubase 7.5 64 windows. I burnt a sample drive, had a back up of the drive, replaced the drive copied across the back up.

When I load Cubase I can select EastWestPLay 64 bit, in the Insturment Panel, but the GUI will not load. The little grid like icon in the inspector is greyed out.

All other VSTs work.

I checked Ilok elicence, downloaded the update, my physical ilok is old as it can possibly be.

I can see the licences but there are no ‘valid locations’. If I try drag and drop I get an error message ‘you cannot activate to this location, the valid locations are: Ilok(1st and second generation’. This is gooobly to me.

The stand alone runs.

Can anyone help please?


seems no license issue. Moving the soundbanks normally is not an issue with play.I moved the soundbanks and they still perform as expected.
But i am not shure what you mean with “i burned a sample drive”. Does that mean you have put them on an optical drive ? If that is read only, i guess there is a possible issue.
Samplebanks for play should be on a harddrive, not optical drives. (optical drives are far too slow also)

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Thanks for the reply, what I mean is that the hard drive ceased to work, I bought a new one, plugged it into the same leads as the old one and copied my sample directories from a back up I had made onto the new drive, ensuring that the letter of the drive was the same. They are both 7200 speed hard drives.

reinstall play to reset the settings.
Use the proper East/West uninstaller for play first !

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Did this, using the installer to uninstall rthis time (as roel said) instead of Add remove programs. Its worked

thank you all