Is this better, now?

Oh yeah, due to the color scemes here I didn’t see “never” under the blue highlighted “only when away”

I do not like this new appearance at all! Far more confusing to navigate than the old platform. :frowning_face:


Well, the only thing I like about the new forum is the dark mode. But as previously stated there is so much wasted space and feels like a mess to me. The previous forum was way more organized, and therefor easier to navigate as well.
I hope this will be improved in the very near futeure, because there is lots of room for improvement.


No, this is not better. Much worse :grimacing:

  • No signatures.
  • I do not dig these tags. I wan’t separate forum. Much easier to find info and see what you are looking for.
  • the whole look is not intuitive. It is a mess IMO
    Just to point out few things out of many.

If somebody finds a way to customize it in a way that makes it less annoying, can you please let me know.

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Okay, there is a dark mode and an option for a smaller font, but it still wastes 50% of the screen estate with blank space…We’ll have to see if there will be further improvements…

There will be further improvements, definitely.


The thing that bugs me the most is all of these widgets designed to give this a Facebook/Social Media type vibe. I have always thought of this forum as a PROFESSIONAL PLATFORM to discuss industry issues related to Steinberg products. All of the button definitions describing how much more “FUN” I’ll have using the forum are actually making me nervous!


The longer I hurt my eyes with this modern junk look the more I am sure I gonna hate it.
There have been three stages of the Nuendo Forum over the years of its existence:

  1. We where a big family with great minds and friends …and a few black sheep. But it was all discussed, helped and sorted out. Superb help and humor … fun and joy to log in, meet the dudes and chat, give help and exchange knowledge.
  2. Nuendo Forum changed to what it was till yesterday to a dryer place with more business-like attitudes. A lot of brillant regulars went away and we lost their enormous knowledge base due to the fact that it was no longer wanted to be a cuddly place for Nuendees… for what reason ever…
  3. Now, with no obvious reason or need we have this what you see now. What ever the benefits with this new forum software is… I don’t like it and I will probably be here even less often then I already am. This is much the same like those incomprehensible user-unfriendly changes they did in Nuendo’s design, user interface and GUIs.
    W.t.F. ( why this fuzz…lol)
    Servus, Big K

One thing I’m missing immediately is the ability to view different subforums and see when each was last updated. Just glancing on the previous start page I could see right away if there were new posts in the Nuendo section, in the Lounge, in the Hardware section etc. It made it easy to see if there was anything to check out.

What would the equivalent be here? I get that there are tags, but do I need to somehow tag favorites and then visit a favorites section or something?


I’ve been checking it out on different platforms… and I actually enjoy the look on my iPad. Feels unwieldy in the desktop browser so far. But… I’m looking forward to its “maturing” into a form that covers our historical wants and needs which were covered reasonably well in the previous version. Hoping search functions (haven’t had a chance to test drive) are better than before. That would be a major plus.

As for me I like the new interface. On iPad really looks more readable than the old one. And even spaces between messages seem nice to me. Why not? Much better than have it piled in a heap. Dark theme is most important innovation for me. Well done developers!
P.S. Just discovered keyboard shortcuts, very cool!

functional of new forum engine is great, but, space organization, compare to old one, are horrible.
here why:

  • More comfortable when we have pages. (IMHO)
  • In old forum, at one screen we can comfortably ready 2-5 messages, with normal text size, and we can customize it with browser zoom. with new one we cant normally customize it (yes dark theme are great, but font size, doesn’t solve the problem)
  • Old forum: one message was almost from edge to edge screen. not only in the center (like now)
  • Treads (Issues, Feature request, Sales, Cubase/Nuendo & etc.) Much more easy to find then now, now its total mess.
  • Pinned topics, in old one they use around 20-30% of screen, now they use 100-150% ( i need scroll 1-2 screen with my text size & zoom in browser to see new topics.

Also, keep in mind, that every other sites have different color schemes, and be soooo much great if we can use something neutral (1-3 types of gray color for example)

Check out this implementation, this platform uses same forum engine
(But people there, also don’t quite happy with it)

Thank you all for the suggestions! We put them on the improvements list. The forum will definitely receive some tweaking over the next couple of days and weeks.

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This looks like the same system that Roon uses - you might want to check out their implementation to see if there are any good practices you can adopt?

Now we can not go straight to by clicking on STEINBERG at the top of the forum. We have to leave the forum and login separately.

I wonder to what extent this whole new forum thing has eaten into time and money that may have been better spent on bug fixes etc.

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No, it looks awful. Old style is far easier to navigate and find stuff. This is the new social media style which in my opinion just isn’t good to use. This is more suited to personal pages.


No, it’s not. It hurts eyes like facebook or other social junk. Old style was not perfect but more pro imo.

We didn’t spend ANY Nuendo 11 development resources for the new forums. No worries.

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