is this coming to Cubase 6 or 7?

does Steinberg have plans to add this Melodyne functionality to Cubase 7? at the end of the video he says “other DAWs to follow” is Cubase one of them? ARA Audio Random Access: Melodyne in Studio One

Aloha s,
I don’t think Cubase’s ‘Variaudio’ will ever be
as good as Melo or Auto-T but I’m sure Steiny will enhance
Vari’s feature set in future updates.

As to whether the Steiny/Yamy and Melo folks will
work together to make this happen
(like Melo has done with StudioOne and Presonus) is anybody’s guess.

If I had this built into Cubase It would be wonderful.
For me!

However the Steinberg/Yamaha team might view that
scenario from a different perspective.


thanks for the reply.

I really want this feature badly. I think it seems like a smart way to do it and I would love if Steiny put their efforts towards other things instead of trying to improve variaudio, I agree it probably won’t ever be as good as melodyne since melodyne is already there, so steiney should focus on other features. I haven’t upgraded to 6 yet but I think their decision on whether or not they implement this would effect what I’m going to do in the near future, I love cubase of course but if this feature starts popping up in other DAWS like they say it’s going to be, it would be bad if Steiney refused. Having this in Cubase would be incredible.

any chance a Steinberg rep could reply?

Wow! That is cool!!!

I doubt Cubase won’t support this feature in the near future if other DAWs are to follow. I think it’s a matter of when, not if. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Wow that is amazing. I sure would love to see ARA in Cubase 7!

Agreed - and to really compete, the next obvious feature update by SB would be to get that whole ‘DNA’ type thing happening with VariAudio, which unfortunately I think is a very difficult task.

Thus, incorporating the API for this new ARA process into Cubase first, seems like a no-brainer. But I’d guess that doing so would also effectively shut down that (internal) development strand with VA. I mean, once ARA is included, everyone will simply turn and say, ‘…just go and buy a Melodyne license’ and your problems are over…! Mind, it will be a bit of extra expense.

That video shows it does seem quite cool though, doesn’t it… :slight_smile: Am trying to get to S1 site for more info, but seems its down for now…


I thought this thread was deleted but it was just hidden in the lounge…

but yea this is really something that cubase must have, it would have been nice if it got it first… I think it’s one of the few times where the term ‘game changer’ is applicable because it’s pretty much one of the only times I felt like it was a ‘must have’ feature. I bought Reaper and S1 artist a while ago to use on my laptop because I didn’t want to risk my dongle, so if steiney doesn’t do this I will definitely have to consider other options even though I wouldn’t want to leave cubase. I didn’t leave even when I saw how much better performance reaper has and I didn’t leave when I got annoyed by the dongle, but I have to have this feature, and since they say it’s coming to other DAWS I’m hoping to hear some good news from Steiny soon so I can relax.

I’ve got a better idea. Just go on the Melodyne forum and ask them if they’d like to include Cubase 7 in the next version of Melodyne. :mrgreen:
Melodyne isn’t too expensive to actually BUY now is it?

Funny how that magic Steinberg magnet just pulls the money out of one’s wallet. Even when everything else is so much better. :laughing:

Can’t you just hit the note and forget about Melodyne? :confused:

you totally miss the point, melodyne isn’t included in a DAW you have to buy it, it’s the extended functionality that other DAWS are getting, my question was if cubase will eventually be getting it.

don’t worry sometimes I read too fast and miss the point too.

melodyne isn’t just a tuning tool, it’s a creative tool unlike any plug out there. read about it and you’ll find out yourself.

But the thread misses the point that the Cubase SDK is there for third parties like Melodyne to add the functionality.
So you’re asking in totally the wrong place.
Ask this at the Melodyne forum and you’ll more than likely get an answer you like.

ARA looks like a new ballgame for VSTs / DAWs. I would say that IF it looks workable I wouldn’t expect it to be utilised in Cubase before v8. You might see Wavelab revamped (similarly) to match.

I just tried the demo of Studio One 2 and the Melodyne integration is amazing. I hope it gets here (Cubase) soon…

In this case Essential is included in the bundle. No DNA obviously but it’s like VariAudio or similar so it will probably be enough for some. If you want DNA you have to upgrade.

All Melodyne versions have it built in already (ARA), it’s just a matter of host developers who want to support it in their hosts (or plug developers who want to incorporate it into their plugs like Melo to integrate with hosts that support it) inquiring to them about it… for the SDK or whatever.

You are the only one who misses the point. Here’s the reply from Celemony, read slowly,

****** we can’t speak for Steinberg. ARA is a free API which any DAW or plug-in manufacturer may implement as they like, just as they would implement VST or AU support. *****

that’s even better. I already have editor but that’s great for the people who don’t. I’m sure they would upgrade after sampling the power.

drag and drop audio to midi, I mean who wouldn’t make immediate use of that feature alone?

so could we get a reply from one of the Mods or something?

Agreed. I can’t work now without Melodyne.

According to Celemony (I figured as much) they won’t release it to any other host until January at the earliest. I figured there would be a period of exclusivity given that PreSonus co-developed the technology but (assuming the “earliest” happens) that’s not long at all.

Indeed! Melodyne is a fantastic creative tool. The audio-to-MIDI function alone is worth the price of admission. Add DNA technology to the mix, and the ability to stack vocal harmonies from a single vocal track, and it’s unbeatable!

that makes sense… it would be nice to hear a response from a Mod though, I just want to hear them say it’s coming even if it’s a paid upgrade for C7, then I’ll be able to relax. I normally don’t get psyched like this but as I’m transferring some audio into melodyne right now and dealing with all the restrictions, I can’t stop thinking about how easy S1-2 users already have it, it’s making me antsy… and I already have S1 artist so there’s an upgrade path there somewhere I’m sure. plus I have a Reaper license, I’d be shocked and very disappointed if Reaper beats steiney to the punch on this one. Just thinking about not having to transfer audio into melodyne plus instant drag and drop audio to midi has me drooling.

can we get some type of official response, something, anything?