Is this common problem with VST3?


I’m using Autotune in every mix since 2008-2009. For now, I use Autotune EFX 3 (64bit in 64 bit Cubase 8.0.20) and I’m having issues recently with real-time export. Problems occur even on playback.

Here is an example:

  • Project with +100 tracks and at least 10 vocal tracks with EFX 3 vst 3 on it.

  • When I playback or render in real-time a mix like this, it drop out all the time after the chorus - when all vocal tracks are ending and autotune goes to idle (I believe this is a thing of vst3 plugins).

Performance is 50% of CPU, real time peak is really low and when chorus ends- it pops out to over 100% and makes click and drop out.

So my wonder is - is this common issue with Vst3 or this is just that one particular plugin?

Antares seems to don’t give a poop about it and they are not releasing updates for this anymore.

Have you tried with Suspend vst3 process preference disabled? (unticked)

I’ve always found that Autotune has been unreliable right from V4 through to the latest V8. I frequently get glitches in the sound but not generally dropouts. Although you’re mention of choruses rings a slight bell in that some projects in the past have had stutters when coming to places with lots of tracks suddenly starting up, e.g. multiple BVs in choruses.

To avoid problems I use AT in realtime when I’m tracking or arranging, but I always apply it as an offline process once I get to the mixing stage because of the unreliability. If you don’t already do this then I’d recommend it, it certainly removes the worry. Or, if you’re automating the tuning speed, say, then you could use RIP instead of offline processing.

An added advantage of offline processing or RIP is that you always cut in the original unprocessed vocal if it sounds too obvious :slight_smile: