Is this editing trick possible?

Having looked at a few vids for macro’s I’m almost certain this trick will work.I’m currently not able to use cubase for a few days so looking for some confirmation here.I want to use drum triggers along with the close mics on a drumkit.Now there are plenty of plugins for this like slate trigger etc,only problem is they are never 100% phase accurate.Some hits are a little behind and its quiet audible and easily confirmed by bouncing out the triggers to audio.So the only way to deal with this,is to manually check every hit.Now this is a whopping pain in the ass.The workaround I think might work is this…Get the hitpoints on the close mics,then make markers from each hitpoint.Then get hitpoints on triggers,slice the audio at the hitpoints,then quantise the triggers to the markers.Is this possible and is possible to this with a macro?

Could you send us a small example project so we are all 100% sure we are talking about the same thing?


Hi,well at its most basic level is it possible to quantize audio to markers.As in a macro for locating to the next marker then one for moving the sliced audio to the marker.With magnetic shuffle selected this should technically work

if hitpoints are phase accurate enough, you can directly make midi notes from hitpoints in the audio editor, also including velocity.
So, you don’t need trigger at all.


Yes that also is an option.It seems to work pretty good.I guess its the same thing as everything will be lined up to the hitpoints.Plus its quicker.Cheers

Drumagog is pretty good at that.
I think they call it phase accurate triggering.