Is this Graphics stuff known?

have other had similar results that started with saving a small number of color preferences - I change the brightness of audio and midi and saved the preferences and setup custom meter colors Then many of the colors in preferences user interface turned into grey and white checkered, so I clicked reset to defaults. they seemed to reset OK. But - then my Selection Range was not purple anymore, sort of charcoal grayish hard to see color - then the whole UI flickered and did what is in the captured image below. these images occurred when I clicked on saved preferences.

After resetting the user interface colors - then I clicked on a preferences saved preset - Everything is OK after restarting - and was able to get the my saved color settings from preferences saved preset, and the custom meters - now it looks great again. nice recovery.

I’ve just done a full clean install on a new machine and noticed the same grey boxes on the track type colours. I thought it was a new default.II manually set them to my chosen colours, it seemed a bit weird though.