Is this how Multi Processing should work?

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, decided to ask here.

With Multi Processing OFF, if I enable monitoring of a VST guitar amp for instance, I can see on the task manager a CPU usage of 8% with the workload concentrated on 2 of the threads.

With Multi Processing ON, if I enable monitoring of that same guitar amp, I can see on the task manager a CPU usage of 32% with this higher workload equally distributed over all the threads.

I am asking this because I would expect single inserts or instruments to end up having a dedicated core but what I am seeing is that with Multi Processing ON the CPU usage is much higher while using all the cores… seems counter intuitive to me. Done many test scenarios and the results are always what I described.

Anyways, everything is working just fine and Multi Processing ON with AG seems to be the more robust choice.

Cubase AI 11, Win 10 and i5 10400F (6C/12T)