Is this layout possible in Dorico?

So, I know when you’re writing music for large ensembles like Full Orchestra, it is beneficial to the conductor if you print multiple parts for the same instrument on the same staff, for example, putting Flute 1 and 2 on the Same staff, or Clarinet 1 and 2 on the Same staff, instead of separate staves since that saves room, and allows the score to print larger.

What I want to know, is it would be possible, to export such parts separately even though they are notated on the same staff. For instance, let’s say for Clarinets, I have 2 Clarinet parts, and I want them notated on the same staff in the full-score, but when exporting parts, I want each part to have its own page, verses having a page that says “Clarinet 1 & 2” and have both parts on the same staff.

Would this kind of printing be possible? Or is it not possible yet.

It looks as though you wish that “condense” function would already be there… It is one of the major features of Dorico 3, that we are all waiting for :wink:
It’s been stated that it should be available later this year, so a little bit of patience is still needed. You’ll be able to write all solo instrument in their own staff (and have separate parts accordingly), and you’ll be able if needed to condense those instruments on a single staff, and Dorico will adapt dynamically all the necessary markings (a 2, a 3, unison…). A major breakthrough in the notation industry!

Thanks, now I’m excited!