Is this macro possible with the project logical editor?

Hi Folks,
Wondering if anyone who is a logical editor wizard could tell me if this is possible with a macro and the PLE…

  1. render audio
  2. delete the original audio event
  3. move the rendered audio up to the same track as the original audio event
  4. delete the new track created for the rendered audio

I end up doing this over and over again, if anyone can tell me a faster way, I’d be forever grateful!

I’m pretty sure you can’t do this with the PLE. The problem would be remembering Tracks and Events from step to step since neither the PLE or Macros have a mechanism to deal with variables like in a real programing language.

Why don’t you just delete the original Track and keep the Track created by rendering instead? You can do that right in the Render dialog

Ah ok, I had a feeling it wouldn’t work. The problem is sometimes I render portions of a track with other events on them, so deleting the original track would delete the rest too. Also the deleting the (R) from the track name adds another step.

Very poor nowdays… :frowning:

I managed to do this;

As Raino says, the system has no proper variables thus when you want to store some information i.e. which track/events were selected, you need to append/prepend to the name of the container (colour also can be used.).

Render in place creates files based on the part names and previous files names, so the created file will get the string used for the macro as well, that’s the only minor problem for this macro. Perhaps that’s no problem if you append strings, not like prepend I did here.
Another little problem is that the track has to be selected when you trigger this macro otherwise it will make strange results.

This can be workable, by using “Track selection follows event selection” preference switch. You can add this command before making a selection, then do one more to flip the state, this 3 step little macro ensures that the track containing the event is selected. So this should go below step2, followed by PLE, select origianl events.
I haven’t done this but it’s an easy addition.

Other things can be simplified and made better, I hope this is good enough for you to start tweaking. :slight_smile:

  1. PLE - 1 prepend string to events. ← keep event selection
  2. PLE -2 prepend string to track. ← keep track selection
  3. render in place
  4. select all on tracks ← after RIP, newly created track is selected
  5. cut
  6. remove selected tracks
  7. PLE - 3 select original track
  8. Track Versions - Duplicate Version ← instead of deleting, I prefer making a backup as a version
  9. select all on tracks
  10. PLE - 4 select original events
  11. delete ← remove events that has strings added on step 1
  12. paste at origin
  13. PLE -5 remove strings ← remove strings added on step 1&2

Screenshot 2022-11-27 at 1.23.27


Wow, this is some impressive wizardry! I’m gonna give it a shot, but as a PLE ignoramous, I’m quite intimidated! I should’ve mentioned, I’m using Cubase 10.5. I know the PLE got updated in 12, but hopefully it all works.

To be honest I’m not totally clear on some of the terminology you used. Does “string” essentially mean the audio filename with track/take number, etc? I searched for the answer but just got a bunch of stuff about the other types of strings (violins, etc), lol.

In the 10.5 PLE, I can’t put anything in parameter 2 of the action list, where you have Std. Names. Is that a problem?

Thanks for doing that!

No, it isn’t. I think this should work in 10.5 as well. gl.