Is this macro possible?

Add a group channel with 8 new audio tracks routed to it?

No, but you can set the output of multiple tracks at once via a modifier in the Mixer.

Ah, PT has that great feature… It’s one which I would like. The last output routing menu option after the list of outputs and groups is ‘New Group’ which creates a group and automatically assigns the selected channels to the group. Really easy and a nice time-saver when you’re entertaining clients.


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Have a look at this gif which is a workflow suggestion:

Roughly this is what is happening in the gif.

  1. We determine which tracks we want to have grouped in a folder and routed to a group track.
  2. We create a group. After creating a group track it is automatically selected.
  3. We now select our other tracks while holding Control. You can also first just select one of the tracks and then drop the other ones in the folder afterwards as shown in the gif.
  4. We execute the “Move Selected Tracks to New Folder” command.
  5. We select all the Audio tracks and route them to the group by holding down Alt+ Shift while we route one of them.

Note that the group folder beneath has to be opened otherwise the new group track will not be automatically selected after it is created.

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