Is this matter possible in Dorico?

I have a project which moves at 2 chords per bar. I would like to ‘double’ it’s time length so that each chord across the whole song moves at 1 bar per chord. The song would then have twice the amount of bars. Is there a magic button for this in Dorico?


Assuming you’re talking about chord symbols, no, there’s not a good way of doing this. Chords and notes have durations that can be doubled or halved (it’s either Edit > Duration or Write > Duration), whereas chord symbols only have start positions. These are currently immovable - you’d need to do some repetitive cutting and pasting.

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…Or change your 4/4 measures to 2/4 measures. :wink:

Thank you, I have rewritten the song now - figured it would be good practice :wink: