Is This Music ?

I’m supposed to meet up with my steel guitar playin’ buddy tomorrow to work on something to add to the nice mellow tune I have in progress so I thought I would play around with something completely different tonight. Fun with the tempo track, metal beats, and electronic sounds. And yes, it is supposed to be somewhat annoying. I can barely listen to it myself. Just another experiment in my ongoing music producing self-education :smiley: .

Good luck playing to that intro live :astonished:
That is definitely annoying!

All in the name of science :sunglasses:

lol, well that was something I didn’t expect from you. kinda made me chuckle :laughing: :sunglasses: but ya gotta do this stuff too, its all part of the journey, I thought it was neat.

I admit it, I couldn’t get all the way through it. That was the point, right?

Thanks for listening, guys.

:laughing: I’m not sure it really has a point. I appreciate the attempt.

I’m heading out to record some steel …

I thought it was cool! I guess it shows how warped my musical tastes really are! Well, it’s not the only thing, just take a look at my song on Soundcloud! :laughing:


Well it’s original and I got to the end. :nerd:

Technically it isn’t music, but sound design can be fun to listen to. I made it to 2 minutes and I did enjoy it, but in a comical way, I found the combination of sounds and rhythms and odd fragments of melodies highly amusing. So it was worth listening to, but can’t listen a 2nd time ;p

I did get an odd image in my mind of a chav (if you’re uk you’ll know what they are) having a jam with a metal drummer and trying to compete, which added to the amusement for me. So well done ^.^

I don’t know why not – it comprises all 5 of the fundamental components of music


Why do I have the quite uneasy feeling that you’ve inadvertently allowed us to peer into the near-future of popular music here? What I mean is, judging by what I’ve heard on the radio lately, this wouldn’t be an entirely unexpected development down the road

I’m serious! :laughing:

If this is what music on the radio sounds/will sound like I’m glad I haven’t been listening. :smiley:

Thanks for putting yourself through the torture of this “tune”.