Is this normal--> Less Items in Cubase 10.5 User Data folder

For the sake of comparison, I looked at the user data folder for my installation of Cubase on Windows
I noticed that Cubase 10.5 has 7 items less than its equivalent folder in version 10.0.

IS THIS NORMAL? please see screenshot
I would like to understand why the differences…
I’m mainly concerned by the absence of the Plugin Manager xml file in 10.5…


What exactly did you compare, please? Have you started Cubase 10.5 already before this comparison?

I upgraded from Cubase Pro 10.0 to 10.5 so I have both presently installed.
I noticed that the key commands I setup in 10.0 as well as all the custom plugin collection is NOT showing in my 10.5.
So I decided to look at the folders where these would be located and noticed the discrepancy.
I didn’t realize that doing an upgrade, Cubase would not import all my previous settings… which is dissappointing. Most moden software like Adobe Creative Suite, asks if I want to keep/import previous settings/presets/preferences.

Anyway, to answer your question I compared these:
I compared the contents of
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg*Cubase 10.5_64*
C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg*Cubase 10_64*


So do I understand you right, Cubase 10.5 was running already before you compare the folders? Then the settings should be inherited from Cubase 10.

You can copy the files over to Cubase 10.5 manually.

Hi Martin

Cubase 10.5 had run a few times before I compared but was not actually “open” at the time that I looked at the folders.

So basically if I understand what you are saying is that the contents of the folders should match - there should be the same number of files in each?

So I should just copy and paste the ones that were in 10.0 but not in 10.5?


I had look closely to the files and folders you marked. None of them is a must in Cubase. These files appear only in the case, they are created based on some settings. For example if you didn’t make a NamingScheme in the File > Export > Audio Mixdown window, the file is not there.

OK thanks… having said that, my saved key commands and custom plugins collection lists did NOT import automatically to the latest version 10.5
I thought that would have happened naturally. What is the best way to import these? Open 10.0 create a profile and then import that profile into 10.5?
Or manually look for certain files to move?


Yes, making profile is definitely a good way.