is this normal

i have a small project running.

1 retrologue
2 padshop pro
3 triebewerk

the cpu meter is about between 25 and 0 % but when i select of the channels thats got padshop pro on it the cpu meter goes up about 50 % and when igo back and select the other channels it goes back 25 and 0 %. is this normal i dont think so.

Impossible to say without knowledge of your system.

osx 10.8.2 i7 2.8 ghz 12gb memory

No I wouldn’t think that’s normal. What audio interface are you using, and at what buffersize?
I take it you are talking about the ASIO meter right? There’s no CPU meter in Cubase.

Don’t worry about the numbers if the music is coming out right!

What if you set up a larger project? Does adding a few more instruments/effects make the system grind to a halt?

You’re not doing anything silly like running the project at a sample rate higher than 44.1 or 48 KHz are you?

Hello Laurence, Strophoid & Marcus,
I’m having similar problems and wondered if I’ve got everything set up Ok.
I ran Cubase LE on an old Dell laptop for years and while understandably limited I knew these limitations and acted accordingly, but I’ve now treated myself to a brand new Macbook Pro and Cubase 7.
I’ve never had such a well equipped set up yet I’m having problems with constant CPU overload due to “audio drop-outs” even with no audio tracks and just an uncomplicated drum track (via GA), a bassline (Novation Basstation), one Padshop part, one Retrologue part and some very simple Halion Sonic SE textures.

My set up is: Cubase 7 which I’m running at 24bit 48KHz,
My Macbook Pro is the 13" late December 2012 version (OSX Mountain Lion, 2.5GHz intel core i5 with 4 GB 1600MHz DDR3)
And a Focusrite Scarlett18i6 interface. I’m only using instruments/plug ins included in the bundle at the moment so there’s no ‘third-party’ issues to mess things up.

It has been suggested that I need more RAM - while I’m sure that would improve things for a more complicated arrangement, surely my set up should cope with a simple 4 minute pop song, hence I think the problem lies with me, or at least something I’m either doing or not doing.


OK Scab,
Good point, but I tired without it, even uninstalled it and the problem persists.

Late 2012 machine should have come with 8GB, no? At any rate, I would say 4GB is way too little RAM for DAW work on Mountain Lion. 8 GB should be fine for most projects, though…

Is it just a spike or a permanent 25% load?

If its just a spike, then its normal.

If the load is permanent and only occurs when selecting the channel…well uhm, may be related to asio-guard.