is this possable with asio4all?

in cubase while using asio4all driver cubase allows me u use all the ins and outs on my laptop ,i have a echo indigo card as well as the standard laptop card…
so on my studio computer if the buffers and clocking are the same can cubase see and use 2 different asio cards?
i am using the motu pci424 ,can i use 2 of them with this driver?
thanks in advance…it does work on the laptop


Yes, ASIO4ALL emulates the multi-client ASIO, so you can use Inputs and Outs of all your Audio Devices together.

Isn’t the pci424 a 96 channel @ 96k interface already?

If you are seriously trying to get 192channels (or 96 channels at 192k) then there may well be other bottlenecks that will stop this working.

Anyhow with ASIO4all lack of cost I suppose there’s nothing to stop you from trying!

I don’t know about motu, but with rme if you install 2 cards they appear as one with their drivers. I would check that anyway!

well i would like to use a usb interface along with the motus
…also have anyone have any experience with the usb sharing over lan,like sound cards? i saw a thing that can share usb devices over lan ,say like midi or audio devices