Is this possible in Cubase Pro?

Hi folks,
I bounce back between Cubase and Ableton. I like them both for different things. There is one feature in Ableton that I have really started to like, and I’m wondering if something like it exists in Cubase…

Is it possible to save a track with a vst loaded and all the routing, etc in a way that you can just easily drag and drop that component into a new project? For example, I’d like to have a Midi track that has Reaktor on it along with a couple audio tracks that are routed to that track (for calibrating an external synth). Then I’d like to put all those tracks in a folder track and save that folder track so that any time I need that Folder I can just drag it in to a new project. Is this possible? I know about song templates that you can pick at the beginning of a project, but I’m wanting to have several of these “modules” ready to go so I can just drag and drop them in as I need them. Possible?

OK-I just found “track archive”. It looks like that will do the trick. I’ll have to wait until I’m back at the studio with my dongle to test it.

Hi Mbira

you can imprt any audio, instrument or midi track from ohter projects.

File > import from other project > select the project from where you want to import.

In the GUI select/deslect which tracks you want to import.

I’m about to prepare a big template project where I want to store all different types of VST tracks i normally use that will serve as source pool for future projects from where I can very quickly set up a new project in 2 minutes.

give that a try.

br - zibin