Is this possible in Dorico?

See attached screenshot of some different notations of combination of cells that repeats, while other things are notated without time signature. Screenshot 2-3

One line goes from fast to slow, is that type of 16-note available in Dorico? Have searched but haven’t found it. Screenshot 1

The no time signature works fantastic. I haven’t figured out how to add barlines or repeat signs on just some staffs without affecting others.Is this possible in Dorico?

Screenshot 2.png

Screenshot 1.png

Yes. First you need to add an independent time signature to a staff. Shift-M, type it in, and ALT-Enter to close it. You can then hide it if desired.

Then add bar lines the same way. Close the popover using Alt-Enter.

Thanks Dan! Perfect, exactly what I needed!

One more question Dan. How do I do this? See screenshot 1 in my original post.

Enter a bunch of notes of whatever variety (using a hidden tuplet if necessary), then select the notes, right-click > Beaming > Create Fanned Beam > Rallentando (Two Lines).

Thanks Pianoleo!

Why does this happens? It looks perfect in Galley view, but in Page view the right repeat sign and the dotted arrow line are missing. Any suggestions why this happens?

Is it the instrument change that seem to happen right after the last note on each staff? Therefore covers the repeat sign? Can I move the instrument change 8 bars later?

See attached screenshot.