Is this possible? Single MIDI trigger for playing midi

Is it possible in Cubase to configure a midi impulse (a single pad) so that each time it receives that midi impulse, it will play a note of a previously configured midi melody?

Or put another way, I want to apply a rhythm to a given melodic sequence, and I want to do it real time, smashing one (MIDI) trigger.

I’m pretty sure it can’t be done, but someone told me it was possible, but they didn’t tell me how. Maybe something escapes me. Thanks.


Use the Step Designer MIDI Insert, where you can define your own MIDI sequences (Patterns). You can trigger these sequences by MIDI Notes. C1 (Note Nr 36) triggers Pattern 1. C#1 (Note Nr. 37) triggers Pattern 2, etc. You can define up to 92 patterns.


Hi Martin.Jirsak! Thanks for your response, but is not exactly I need to do. I wanted to do something like this:

It doesn’t really play the notes, it’s just a midi trigger that play the next note as soon as I get the impulse. This sets the duration of the notes, but the correct notes always sound.

I believe that the keyboard in the video is configured in a way that every key emits the same MIDI note message (which is then fed to a circuit that triggers — with every received message — a note or a chord (2 or more notes).

If you need to advance the notes in a melody (sequence containing only one note at a time), you could do the following in Cubase:

1. Add a Generic Remote device (Studio / Studio Setup)

screenshot 1

2. Match the MIDI input port of Generic Remote to the MIDI controller that you want to use (the controller equipped with pads).

screenshot 2

3. Create this correspondence:

screenshot 3

4. Open the key editor and add a note before the first one in the melody (and let it selected).

5.Make sure this button is on before tapping the pad.

RESULT: with every tap, a new note will get selected and — because acoustic feedback (the above button) is on, you’ll also hear the sound of the VSTi to which the track is routed to.

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But playing a single note at a time isn’t what’s been requested.

I imagine there must be a VST plugin out there that does this.

Really that keyboard havn’t keys, is only one platform with painted keys, but yes, everytime emits the same MIDI note message. I will try to do it like you say. Thanks!

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I’ve searched vst’s and software, but I find nothing :roll_eyes:

If you can find a way to send a play command, followed by a stop command, and make each of the notes’ length correspond to the amount of time between them you could do it.
Bome Midi Translator could do that. Maybe by combining @alin89c’s acoustic feedback trick in combination…

Or, (off the top of my head) some how munge the Cubase Step Entry function?


Also, the Transport>nudge command in a macro might help.

And, the arranger track could be used for this quite nicely.


Wow, I haven’t been able to test @ alin89c’s option yet and there are more possible solutions. Thanks Steve! Let’s see if in the next few days I have time to investigate them and I am able to do so. Thank you all!

Try this preset for HSSE.
Drop Midi SE.vstpreset (16.8 KB)

Once you load a midi file it should loop through the midi events with each note you play.


bingo! @misohoza

Owww mama! This is all I need, is so great! Thanks a lot for all of you for your help! Thanks tanks thanks :slight_smile: :hearts:

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Hello! did you manage to route the midi sequence to another instrument that is not that “telephone sound” by default? sorry for the request, I’m a newbye, but what i managed was to have the midi sequence played as I hit whichever key on my controller, but without chances of play it with the sound , let’s say, of the grandpiano i have in my cubase. Thanks


Could you describe your routing, please?

Sure, and thanks in advance for your reply!
I just add an instrument track.
then drop on the first row the vstplugin, and load a midi file.

Then, I would like to play the sequence with an electric piano sound:

I tried several combinations of “output” options, and also selected different channels, but what I get is always or the “sine-synth” sound following the sequence, or, at least, the overlap of the real note I play on the controller with the sound of the E-piano, plus the note in the sequence with the sound of the “sine-synth”.


How is the Preferences > MIDI > Import MIDI File > Destination setup, please?

I guess, the settings is the Instrument Track. Therefore you should change the 1st slot patch, because the Instrument Tracks sends the data at MIDI Channel 1 (most probably/by default).

first of all I congratulate the author of the preset, @misohoza .

I also need to know how to play another timbre/program taken from Halion or from a track with a different virtual instrument, instead of the default sine wave.

I work with the disabled and this feature would be really valuable!

Thank you

Hi @ubik64

If you have HALion 6 you simply copy the script to another instrument. With the SE version it’s a bit more tricky. Try this version:

Drop Midi 2 SE.vstpreset (16.8 KB)

Load it in slot 1. Then load instrument you want to use to slot 2. Go back to the Drop Midi instrument in slot 1 and press copy program button. If it goes well it should copy the instrument from slot 2.

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Many thanks,
the new version works perfectly with Halion SE 3, unfortunately it doesn’t work with Halion 3 which is what I currently have.
Too bad because on this I have a lot of tools that I use.

Is there the possibility of using version 3 or do I necessarily have to upgrade to a higher version?

Thanks again for your availability.