Is this possible wet/dry?

Hello There

Is it possible to hear only the wet signal on a channel.
Meaning whatever sonics the compressor, eq and fx are doing to the sound?

In other words if i take bypass the inserst and bounce the DRY signal i would then like to have a completely WET version of the track…

Is this even possible??

Thanks in advance


In theory you could duplicate a track, leave it dry and phase reverse it. If both play you should hear nothing. Then start to add fx to one of them.

For things like compressors & EQ used in inserts what you are really hearing is the “wet” signal. At the effect’s output you are getting the modified signal and only the modified signal - it is not mixed in with the original, it is the effect and only the effect sound you are hearing.

Now there are some compressors that do have a wet/dry mix control on them. This allows you to do parallel compression. But if you were to turn that mix all the way to the wet position that would be functionally the same as if it had no mix control at all. It is the same as if you insert a reverb and turned its control 100% wet.