Is this possible with the Input Transformer?

Hi folks,
I can’t figure this one out and I’m hoping there is a workaround that someone knows of that could help me.

TL;DR: Can the Project Input Transformer toggle between values?

Problem description : My Yamaha CK61 Stage Keyboard has a specific organ section which includes a rotary speaker speed button (CC9, values 0 & 127) and a rotary stop button (CC9, value 64). I want to use the keyboard to control my VSTi Hammond but since the speed & brake use the same CC, I can’t assign the STOP button on the keyboard to the Leslie brake. I have been playing with the input transformer and was successful in changing the CC9 value 64 to CC3 which solves part of the problem. Unfortunately, it then turns the leslie brake on once, and then stops working (brake on or off), since the CC value doesn’t change. I can’t use the Midi Remote Manager to create a toggle because it won’t let me program 2 buttons that use the same CC#.

Does anyone know of a workaround?

Thanks ahead of time!


You can use up to 4 Input Transformer:

  • CC9 Val 0
  • CC9 Val 64
  • CC9 Val 127

In the condition, set it this way:

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Subtype / MIDI Contorller No. | Equal | 9 | And
Main Value / MIDI Controller Value | Equal | 0 ) // 64, 127
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Hi Martin,
Thanks for the response. I’m not sure that I’m understanding the your proposed solution, or perhaps I wasn’t clear enough in outlining my desired outcome. I’ve attached a copy of my current settings in the Project Input Transformer below. I’ve also included the MidiView data showing the midi information being sent from my Yamaha CK61.

My desired outcome is as follows:

  • The [Stop] button on my keyboard sends value 64 only over CC9 on each button press. I am trying to change CC9 value 64 to a toggle of 0 & 127 on CC3. Therefore, my desired outcome is that on each button press of the [Stop] button (which only sends CC9 value 64), that the input transformer change it to a toggle of 0 & 127. The more I think about it, the more I believe it’s impossible; it’s an INPUT transformer, it likely can’t interpret the same input different ways using cues sent from the current state of the transformed input. Regardless, you’ll notice that I am stuck after the transformation of the filtered input to CC3. I don’t know how to assign it to perform the desired outcome of toggling the brake on & off, using alternating midi CC values.

  • The [speed] button on my keyboard sends alternating values of 0 & 127 over CC9. I want to leave this unchanged since it is perfect for the slow/fast settings on the Leslie (VSTi is IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X). Therefore, I have no filters in the P.I.T. regarding CC9 values 0 & 127.

Most importantly, I thought that the transformed midi input might allow me to then make a MIDI remote script that would take into account the transformed input to create a toggle but it appears that the MIDI remote manager precedes the Project Input Transformer in it’s collection of the MIDI message and still won’t allow to create two buttons, as I have on my physical keyboard (MIDI remote manager doesn’t allow the creation of 2 buttons/faders/knobs that use the same CC).

Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it!

Update: I’ve made some progress but still isn’t working as intended.
I’ve added 2 other transform actions based on last events, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m beginning to feel like perhaps this is a dead end road… :frowning:


Could you please once more clarity the expected output based on the input? I.e. something like:

  • CC9, Val 0 > CC x, Val y
  • CC9, Val 64 > CC x1, Val y1

CK61 has the following buttons:

Desired output:

  • CC9, Val 0 [Speed button SLOW] > remains the same

  • CC9, Val 127 [Speed button FAST] > remains the same
    The aforementioned 2 are triggered by the same [Speed} button which toggles the values

  • CC9, Val 64 [stop button] > CCx, Val 0 or 127, alternating

I’ve read this as soon as you posted the thread, and I’ve been scratching my head all day. It’s a good puzzle. The problem is how to return to the previous Speed value when you disengage the Stop button.

Edit: Does the Stop button keep sending the same 64 value as long as it is pressed in? Or does it send CC9/64 once?


Thank you for the explanation.

Unfortunately this is not possible. You cannot do the alternating, because you cannot store or ask the last value.

Martin, what if the Stop button keeps on sending CC9/64? Wouldn’t it be possible then to create a Fader/Pot/whatever element in the MIDI Remote that listens to CC9 and be done with it? If I’m not mistaken, organ plug-ins usually have the whole leslie on one control, Stop being in the middle. So, wouldn’t it be just a case of assigning this fader to the plug-in’s parameter? And then the thing would take care of itself. Press speed, goes to 127, press speed again, goes to 0. Press Stop, it goes to 64, press Stop again, it stops sending 64. But does the CK61 send the last value when the Stop button is set to off? That’s the problem.

As you say, how to know (and hold) the last value. Probably doable with a script.


You could use MIDI Remote to store/get the value. You could assign it to the Quick Control (or Focus Quick Control) and set Cubase to control the given parameter by the (Focus) Quick Control.

It sends the cc9, Val 64 message only once upon pressing the button. It is not a toggle nor does it repeat if you hold the button.

You’re right in that if the VSTi operated this way, in fact you wouldn’t even need a script. The default behaviour of the CK61 would work right out of the box.
The issue with the Hammond B-3x from IK (which is a fantastic sounding Hammond by the way), is that it wants separate CCs for the Leslie speed and Leslie brake. Out of the box, it behaves as such with the CK61:

  • speed button slow/fast: works perfectly
  • Stop button: activates fast speed (64 being greater than the half of 127 so it treats it as a « fast » signal).

The VSTi doesn’t allow me to set CC9 Val 64 (or any specific value for that matter) as the brake unfortunately…


And that’s the issue. Because the plug-in has to handle it as a toggle.